Find payer information three easy ways

Note to Capario customers:
You will continue to have access to the same Capario payer list you have always had while we are working on how to expand access to payers as a result of our acquisition.

Capario provides three convenient ways to find payer information.

1. Easy Search Payer List

Search Capario's online payer list for transactions by payer name, payer ID or state. SEARCH

2. Real-Time Payer List

This list identifies real-time payers currently in production for Patient Eligibility Verification (ANSI 270/271), Claim Status Inquiry (ANSI 276/277), Referral/Pre-Certification Request and Inquiry (ANSI 278). It includes transaction-specific inquiry and search options, as well as payer-specific maintenance schedules. These transactions are available to our clients and do not require a corresponding claim be submitted to Capario.

Real Time Payer List Eligibility and Claim Status: EXCEL     PDF

3. Claims and Electronic Remittance Advice Payer Lists

This list identifies payers currently in production for Professional (Outpatient), Institutional (Inpatient), Workers' Compensation and Automobile Insurance Claims (ANSI 837). It also identifies payers in production for Electronic Remittance Advice processing (ANSI 835), as well as payer-specific information including provider enrollment information and payer claim status/response levels.

Claims and ERA Payer List: EXCEL     PDF